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What Matters to Us

This is not an exhaustive list, but here are a few things that really matter to us:


We Love OSS
Supporting the Community

Cloud Adoption

Driving Cloud Adoption
Empowering Users

Continuous Learning

Making Learning Accessible
Empowering People


Decoupled Microservice Architecture
SOLID Design

I've learned to always avoid saying "always"

Martin Fowler

Why choose us

After decades of hard-won experience, we truly understand the disconnect between business and technology.
We are committed to bridging this gap and empowering as many people along the way as we can.

Why to choose us

Resistance to change, architectural concerns, ROI, technical debt and the like are all daunting conversations that need to be had, both internally and more broadly.

We exist to take as much of the pain and guesswork out of cloud integration and inspire confidence in the value cloud computing has to offer.

We've partnered with leaders in the industry to provide cost-effective, secure and robust cloud resources to our clients.

With the convergence of accessible cloud compute power and high-speed networking, we are poised to take the next big leap into the future.
are here for the ride of our lives...

Because we know iteration by definition, happens more than once, we are fans of the Fail-Fast-Fail-Often Principle, and maintain rapid release cycles and practice Agile Methodologies wherever practical.

And not just in the delivery of our software, but in any facet of our operation where Agile makes sense.

From Build and Deployment Pipelines to provisioning of servers, VM's and network infrastructure as well as QA and Testing, we automate as much as possible to maintain transparency and allow us to focus on the things that count.

One of our main reasons for entering this industry was to automate the repetitive tasks that take the joy out of life.

With our geographic positioning in Africa, we are privileged to be able to witness the mobile-revolution in emerging markets first hand. Mobile is an invaluable channel where more than 80% of the population do not have access to fixed-line internet.

Our strategy involves Full-Native, Hybrid, and Full-Web mobile development to meet the requirements of any project.

We are ramping up to be able to provide entire outsourced teams of professionals to our clients, covering Project Management, Product Ownership, DevOps, QA, Developers, Designers, Analysts, DBA's, Architects and Specialist Consultants.

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